How to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

Currently serving as a strategic ambassador for Positively Confidential and Managing Director of Golden Seeds, Kathy Levinson utilizes her business acumen and years of executive leadership experience to help entrepreneurs and other leaders achieve their full potential. As a business strategist and change agent, Kathy Levinson has received numerous awards for her work, including StartOut’s Pillsbury Winthrop Advocate Award and is a sought after motivational speaker as well.

Sometimes success in entrepreneurship is a matter of luck, and sometimes it is a result of dogged persistence; usually it is a combination of the two. But the most important foundational principle is to lead from your values and create a work environment where all can thrive. Establish a culture that allows everyone to bring their full selves to work. And then back it up with policies, language and actions that show that you walk the talk. Start with a dose of integrity, mix in some honesty, respect, and a passion for excellence; then top it off with a good dose of humor, particularly being able to laugh at yourself. That should be a winning recipe for you and your organization.

Hire people that share your values, who possess skills, experiences and background are different than yours. Surround yourself with people who share your passion for the work and help your colleagues understand the higher purpose in their jobs. Don’t be afraid that your employees will move on or pass you by – it means you have done your job well.

See yourself as the chief motivator, teacher, mentor and coach – your company will succeed when all members of your team are succeeding. Don’t micromanage – continue to increase the number and diversity of tasks and decisions that you delegate and establish systems that allow you monitor how well they are executed, providing yourself with a constant feedback loop.


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