A Look at the American Leadership Forum

An organizational strategist with over 20 years of financial services experience, Kathy Levinson served as president and chief operating officer at the publicly held Fortune 500 online investing firm E*TRADE Financial, formerly E*TRADE Group, Inc., as well as in other executive leadership positions. In addition to her successful career portfolio, Kathy Levinson serves her community in many, diverse ways, including as a Senior Fellow of both the prestigious Wexner Heritage Program, whose mission is to inspire Jewish volunteer leaders to exercise transformative leadership in the Jewish community, as well the American Leadership Forum (ALF), which is dedicated to joining and strengthening leaders for the public good.

Founded in 1980 by Joseph Jaworski, the American Leadership Forum strengthens communities and leaders through a network of national chapters. The founder had a vision to bring together leaders who serve in the many sectors of American communities and to capitalize on their leadership talents. In the process, Mr. Jaworski envisioned leaders strengthened in their commitment to collaborate on public issues.

In its mission to promote the public good, ALF bases its programs on a series of cornerstones, including, among others, establishing trust among community leaders with diverse backgrounds and objectives and motivating leaders to take responsibility and make a difference in their respective communities and beyond.


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