Wexner Heritage Program Offers Instruction in Leadership

Throughout her career as a financial services executive and executive coach, Kathy Levinson has established herself as a leader in the business, political and philanthropic sectors. Kathy Levinson serves as a senior fellow of the Wexner Foundation, a prominent national Jewish organization dedicated to improving the vision of Jewish volunteer leaders in the United States. The Wexner Foundation partners with a broad range of organizations in the Jewish community to administer the Wexner Heritage Program (WHP).

For the better part of three decades, WHP has immersed young Jewish volunteer leaders in a comprehensive two-year educational curriculum. Participants in the program learn about a wide range of topics, from Jewish history and cultural values to effective leadership skills. Each year, WHP accepts 20 volunteer leaders from each of three Jewish communities in the United States, partnering with community organizations to split the expense of education costs. Over the past 30 years, the program has educated young leaders from more than 25 communities across the country.

To learn more about the Wexner Heritage Program, visit http://www.wexhttp://www.wexnerfoundation.org/nerfoundation.org.


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