The American Leadership Forum

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American Leadership Forum

During Kathy Levinson’s 20-year career in financial services, she served as a senior executive with several prominent investment firms and brokerages, preparing her well for her present position as a managing director of the Golden Seeds angel investment network. Also dedicated to leadership development and effective service in the public sector, Kathy Levinson is a senior fellow of the American Leadership Forum.

Attorney Joseph Jaworski created the American Leadership Forum in 1980 to address what he saw as a lack of leadership on a local level across the country. The Forum brings together a cross-section of educational, elected, business, religious, and minority leaders from communities throughout the United States to enhance their leadership skills, facilitate the exchange of ideas, and increase their ability to work together effectively to solve public issues.

In the early years, Jaworski traveled the country with a team of trainers, establishing local chapters in communities, teaching principles of collaboration, and taking action to make positive changes in those places. Today, rather than being coordinated through the national office, this leadership training program, or Fellows Program, is offered on a year-long basis by each chapter. The focus is on local problems and local solutions.

Graduates of the Fellows Program become senior fellows, and many chapters offer Senior Fellows Programs involving continuing education or civic action.


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