SheHeroes – Inspiring Young Girls To Excel

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Kathy Levinson is a business leadership professional who holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and psychology from Stanford University and completed Harvard Business School’s Program for Management Development. A pioneer of women’s and gay and lesbian equality, Kathy Levinson has shared her experience and expertise on numerous platforms, including the SheHeroes website.

SheHeroes is a nonprofit organization that develops content encouraging young girls to strive for success and fulfill their dreams, regardless of their background. The SheHeroes website provides empowering information about a variety of fields, most notably those in which women do not traditionally lead, such as engineering, science, sports, and politics.

In her video on the SheHeroes site, Ms. Levinson discusses prejudices she has faced during her life, from being taught it was wrong to write with her left hand, to her family being asked not to move into a certain neighborhood because they were Jewish, to being told certain jobs in the finance industry were not suitable for her because she was a woman.

Ms. Levinson’s experiences influenced her to leverage the positions of power she achieved to develop policies welcoming to women and minority groups, including pushing for health benefits for domestic partnerships. Her success in the financial services industry resulted in her early involvement in the development of the world’s first Internet trading company.


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