Equality California – Seeking Justice for the LGBT Community

Equality California pic

Equality California
Image: eqca.org

An established finance professional and speaker, Kathy Levinson serves as a C Coach, where she uses her experience to assist start-up companies in strategic leadership and business strategy. With a focus on female and LGBT entrepreneurs, Kathy Levinson supports numerous related organizations, such as Equality California (EQCA).

ECQA is a LGBT civil rights organization whose mission is to establish acceptance and social justice across the United States through education and advocacy.

EQCA has made headway in three distinct arenas of public education and civic engagement. California Faith for Equality, a program of EQCA’s Equality California Institute, has developed a network of leaders from various religious denominations who work together to encourage acceptance within faith groups.

In the field of criminal justice, EQCA targets the inconsistency with which LGBT people are persecuted and assaulted in comparison with other populations. In cooperation with a variety of groups, EQCA strives to combat this inequality with the goal of community-wide equal justice.

EQCA works to expand the political power of the LGBT community by encouraging the candidacy and appointment of openly LGBT individuals in local and statewide elections. The organization is in the process of developing leadership training which will help these leaders become a contributing part of the California government.


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