Lesbians who Tech Brings More Women, More Lesbians Into the Tech World

Lesbians Who Tech pic

Lesbians Who Tech
Image: lesbianswhotech.org

Kathy Levinson, consultant for The C Coach, uses her business experience to mentor and support entrepreneurs and emerging business professionals. In addition to her intentional support of queer women within her consulting practice, Kathy Levinson supports professional lesbians nationwide through her participation in Lesbians Who Tech.

Lesbians Who Tech is an organization of women who identify as queer women, lesbians & their allies, who work in the technology sector. The group seeks to increase the visibility of lesbians in technological settings, helping lesbians connect with each other as well as raise public awareness of the significant talent within the lesbian community.

The Lesbians Who Tech organization also seeks to connect their members to advocacy and service groups that help the LGBTQ community prosper. One way the group accomplishes this goal is through the Edie Windsor Coding Scholarship, a new scholarship that will help at least ten queer women fund an education in software coding and programming. Dev Bootcamp is on board as well, offering $100,000 in scholarships through their program, allowing more lesbians to start their career path in the tech world.


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