Lesbians Who Tech and Dev Bootcamp Send 40 Women to Coding School

Lesbians Who Tech  pic

Lesbians Who Tech
Image: devbootcamp.com

An expert in business leadership, Kathy Levinson holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and psychology from Stanford University. In addition to her professional career, Kathy Levinson supports many awareness groups, including Lesbians Who Tech.

Lesbians Who Tech supports the advancement of lesbians in the tech industry. The organization recently accepted applications for scholarships to send 40 women to coding school.

The scholarship recipients will study at prominent coding boot camps such as Dev Bootcamp. These schools have recently emerged as alternative paths to tech careers outside of traditional college degrees.

The boot camp programs are expensive, however, costing students an average of $11,000. Lesbians Who Tech will finance half of each student’s tuition through the Edie Windsor Coding Scholarship Fund for LGBTQ Women.

The scholarship fund was financed through Kickstarter, with Dev Bootcamp contributing a match of $100,000 when the campaign was successfully funded. More than two-thirds of the 40 scholarship recipients are women of color, and all identify as LGBTQ.


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