BAYS Sponsors Day of Action Event


Bay Area Youth Summit pic

Bay Area Youth Summit

Kathy Levinson, a Stanford University alumna, has held several senior executive positions within the financial services industry including at E*Trade and Charles Schwab. In addition to maintaining a variety of board memberships, Kathy Levinson is dedicated to contributing to her community and is involved with organizations such as the Bay Area Youth Summit (BAYS).

Founded in 2010, the goal of BAYS is to provide a safe platform for youth who identify as LGBTQ and those that support them and to encourage constructive dialogues and increase awareness. The first LGBTQ organization led completely by youth in the world, BAYS motivates youth to contribute to their communities by sponsoring the Day of Action event.

The Day of Action gives young people the opportunity to volunteer at a variety of LGBTQ organizations in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Beyond volunteering, participants witness the day-to-day efforts being made to bring equality to LGBTQ people and hear from a number of nonprofit professionals. The day is made possible through collaborations with organizations such as the San Francisco LGBT Center and Equality California in Los Angeles.


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